miercuri, 22 aprilie 2015

No Education equal wrong opinion

           I propose you to make a small test:  ask 90-100 people what they think about the erotic massage, I mean what this technique represents for them if they ever tried it and if they are willing to try it in the future.
           I personally have done this test in my native city, Slatina because I thought it the perfect place to test because it is a small town and most people in town have seconday education... very few have higher education degree.
            I was just surprised when I realized that 70% of those whom I interviewed went directly even thinking about sex and I took a few swear words on the subject.
Brothers ....wake up and read carefully what I tell you now: erotic massage means ambient , relaxation and patience, NO SEX, NO PROSTITUTION. When you hear that nonsense drew the mouth and especially as some simply shrugged as if I could I go on my expense at a parlor with beautiful girls to their longer and open their minds a little and see what ... living world.